A HILLINGDON Labour councillor is urging the borough to rethink its decision to scrap its corporate parenting board.

He is also concerned that councillors have lost the right to scrutinise policy on vulnerable children in care.

Cllr Tony Eginton, the party’s lead on social care, says he’s worried it could lead to a 'Baby P' situation. 

All Hillingdon councillors are corporate parents and have a responsibility for children in the borough’s care, but officers recently refused to respond to his request about the number of children in care in Hillingdon. 

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However, Cllr Davis Simmonds, Cabinet Member for Education and Children's Services, told the Times: "The replacement of the parenting board with a corporate parenting panel has in no way diminished councillors' ability to continue to rigorously scrutinise the work we do to support vulnerable children.

“There have always been times when information about vulnerable children will not be shared beyond those involved in providing care and support.

“But we seek to manage the risks and support the 338 children looked after by Hillingdon to the highest standards we can achieve." 

  • Baby P (Peter Connelly) was tortured and killed while on the child protection register of Haringey Council 12 years ago.