A van driver has been praised for helping block off a road to traffic after a fifth floor flat caught fire.

Danny Church was on his way to work on Saturday morning when he first noticed smoke coming from the home in Wandsworth Bridge Road.

"When I went past and initially noticed the beginning smoke, it was just after 9.30am," he said.

"And I kid you not, just two minutes after is when the windows smashed and the flames erupted."

At this point the London Fire Brigade were well on their way to the scene.

But it was the actions of one member of the public that stood out to Mr Church.

"When I arrived there was a white van, with a young male builder inside who had used his transit to block off the road as there were only a few fire trucks on scene when the fire really started to cause damage," he added.

"He blockaded the road and really helped the LFB out.

"After speaking to him he just happened to drive past, see it and felt obliged to help."

Five fire engines and around 35 firefighters were called to the scene, where one woman and two children left the property before they arrived.

The blaze was under control by 11.51am and there were no reported injuries.

This was something Mr Church credited in part to the man in the van.

"He is the director of a building company called Spess Property, his name is Marc and he was an unsung hero that day for all," he added.

"He managed to cut the road off which I do believe stopped any traffic that could have happened that day for the surrounding area.

"He literally put his van across the middle of the road right at the end of the bridge, so no cars could come directly onto the road which is where the flat was."

"Imagine if cars came on to the road, and LFB had blocked one side, causing them to have all to turn around and try go back on themselves, all whilst there’s a fire and fire brigades arriving at the scene?

"Would have caused havoc for cars and traffic. He saved the day in that sense."

Mr Church was so impressed by the actions on the day, that he'll be making a point to send some business his way.

"Although LFB did eventually bring a lot of units to the scene, the hero for me throughout it all was the Wimbledon builder who was a member of the public," he said.

"That honestly just amazed all around with his bravery of just thinking on his feet and blocking the road off so no traffic would be caused and essentially clear the scene before all units arrived.

"I am going to go his way just for the sheer fact of him showing such a side that we are short of today in society."