A 70-year-old Bexley bakery has proven that their batter is still the best after beating off master bakers to secure the top prize at a major Kent cake competition.

Worth's Bakery in Welling managed to rise to the occasion as their unique lorry cake put them in the top tier for the novelty cake category at the 2019 Annual Bread and Confectionary Competition, organised by the Kent branch of the Craft Bakers Association.

The cake, which took staff a number of days to finish, depicts a model replica of a Heygates delivery truck, which supplies the family bakery with the majority of its flour.

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The finished masterpiece presented to judges at the 2019 Annual Bread and Confectionary Competition

Their motor masterpiece managed to stand out among 20 other dainty delicacies in the category, ultimately landing in the top spot at last weekend's event.

Resident baker at Worth's, Yener Gungor, told News Shopper that their latest victory reflects the culinary passion held by dedicated staff at the popular cake shop and hopes that customers take it as a sign of skill and reliability.

"Obviously it's a good feeling to win. It took a lot of time and effort to make the cake and it's good to be recognised locally.

"It’s also good for our customers to know that they're in safe hands," he said.

Worth's was originally founded in the 1940's but has since changed hands with plenty of budding bakers, eventually landing under the ownership of Mr Gungor's in-laws back in 2002.

Since then, Mr Gungor and his wife, Dee, have become heavily involved in the day-to-day operations at the family business, hoping that the local loyalty from sweet-toothed customers will continue to raise the dough.

He also believes that their signature sponge recipe has helped keep keen customers returning to order their cakes, even among the rise of new home businesses popping up all over social media.

"The trade has been good for and cake wise, we’re getting busier and busier because we’re now getting people coming from Greenwich and Dartford to our bakery.

"We also have the loyalty from the local people here in Welling.

"All over Facebook, everyone seems to be a cake decorator these days. But we've had who’ve always come back who've gotten their cakes cheaper elsewhere but say the quality of our cake is better.