Richmond Police say they are increasing patrols and dedicating a team to investigating robberies in the area following a recent crime wave.

In a joint statement with the Council, police announced they will be increasing their presence, with high visibility patrols in open, public spaces that are "crime hotspots, our town centres and open spaces."

The development comes after the news that two youths on a moped attacked a police officer with hammer is Whitton yesterday, the latest incident of violence seen as uncharacteristic of an area with a typically low crime rate.

Richmond Police Neighbourhood Inspector, Simon Ross, said: “Robbery offences have a significant impact; not only on the victims, but on their families and the wider community.

"Our officers from Neighbourhood Policing, Richmond Schools and the Burglary and Robbery Teams are working closely with our partners, including the Council, to deter potential offences and bring offenders to justice.

“Richmond is still one of the safest boroughs in London, and ensuring that residents and visitors enjoy all the area has to offer, without fear, is our top priority.”

Over the past year 139 cases of serious crime against people under 24 years old were reported in the borough.

Last month residents packed out a Kew church to express their concerns to Twickenham MP Zac Goldsmith.

There has been particular concern over the spate in muggings of school children, the most recent taking place in Richmond Park earlier this month.

Richmond council has since pledged an extra £100,000 for community safety in the coming year's budget.

Leader of Richmond Council, Cllr Gareth Roberts said: “Whilst Richmond is one of the safest areas in London. Our residents are quite rightly worried about the recent spate of crime across the borough.

“It is concerning that these crimes seem to be targeted towards our young people and I encourage them in particular to remain vigilant when out socialising or using parks and open spaces.

“The Council is working with our partners including the police, the parks guard, and Friends groups to monitor activity within our parks and open spaces, particular over the summer months where more people will be using them, so that they remain places which residents feel safe to enjoy.

“Reports suggest that some witnesses of crimes are not reporting these to the appropriate authorities. I would urge anyone who is witness to a crime or is concerned crimes are being committed in the borough to report it to police.”