People in Enfield are some of the hardest hit according to a new report.

The study comes from the New Policy Institute and Trust for London that has for several years been looking at the effect of cuts and changes to the Welfare system on people in the capital.

Like all English local authorities, London boroughs like Enfield are now responsible for delivering aspects of the social security system.

This is a result of both the devolution of services that were once national to councils and authorities filling gaps left by cuts in the national government.

Carla Ayrton, Senior Researcher at New Policy Institute who led the research said:

“Local social security is ever more vital for low-income Londoners as national social security continues to be cut back.

“Our report shows how uneven local social security has become across London, with some of the most deprived boroughs offering the least help.

“The Mayor, Sadiq Khan, should now be leading a co-ordinated cross-London effort to improve this.”

Enfield’s Local welfare assistance (LWA) scheme provides emergency support to people in crisis.

It has a budget of £1.22 per person in poverty, the sixth lowest budget among London boroughs.

Although last year there was a reported drop in the numbers of people who were receiving the support – the study attributes this to a reduction in funds and a closure of schemes.

Council tax support is another area where the borough is failing.

CTS provides help for people on low incomes by reducing the amount of council tax they must pay.

In Enfield, claimants cannot have more than £6,000 in savings if they are to receive CTS.

The most common savings threshold in £16,000.

Enfield has a minimum payment of 26.5 per cent, the third highest rate in London.

In the borough, 22 per cent of households were affected by cuts to support, the highest proportion in London, with an average cut of £6 per week.

According to the study, only five other London Boroughs have a savings threshold this low: Brent, Barking and Dagenham, Havering, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest.