Parents across Richmond are being encouraged to turn off their engines and walk to school this week by a new initiative.

As part of Walk to School Week, the Council is asking parents to take a positive step towards improving air quality by completing school trips on foot.

According to Living Streets, a charity promoting everyday walking, two in five parents of primary school children say they worry about pollution levels around their child’s school.

Cllr Alexander Ehmann, Chair of Richmond Council’s Transport and Air Quality Committee said:

“Choosing to complete the school run on foot is not only good for you and your child’s overall health, it improves air quality around our schools by reducing the number of cars on the school run.

“So, if you would normally drive your child to school, take the opportunity during Walk to School Week to turn off those engines and complete your school trips on foot!”

With harmful fumes from car engines a major contributor to poor air quality, switching your mode of transport on the school run can have a significant effect.