Two teenagers have been arrested after two boys was reportedly held against their will during a frightening knife point robbery.

Police posted a CCTV appeal of suspects wandering through The Glades after the incident on April 6.

Both victims, aged 13, were threatened by youths outside the shopping centre in Queens Gardens.

They had their phones, bank cards and AirPods nicked after being forced to sit on separate benches.

Bromley Police have now arrested two teenage boys, 14 and 15, who have since been released on bail.

A spokesman told News Shopper the teenagers were identified by the public after the CCTV footage was shared on Facebook.

He added: "The two boys who cannot be named because of their age, were detained for the investigation on May 14 and have since been released from custody on bail whilst the investigation continues.

"DC Evans who is leading the investigation thanked the public for their crucial support to identify the two suspects."

Last month the boy’s dad told News Shopper: "They made threats of being stabbed and put in hospital."

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At one point a stranger came over to ask the boys if they were ok, but as they approached the muggers warned that they would be knifed if they didn’t comply.

The dad added: "The boys said everything was ok out of fear.

"Once they got the bank card and phone codes, they walked away calmly chatting to each other and left the kids on the benches in bits.

"They were psychologically terrorised into revealing everything."

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101 or to contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 11 with the crime reference 3307299/19.