Alarm has been raised at an independent living scheme in Bromley after it was claimed a body of a man was found weeks after his death.

London Ambulance Service confirmed a person was found dead at Fletchers Close on Tuesday morning.

However, they would not allude to how long the person had been dead.

One resident of the scheme, who wished to stay anonymous, said paramedics and police at the scene claimed the body had been there for up to six weeks.

However, neither authority confirmed this to News Shopper, and the housing group which runs the living scheme insisted daily checks are carried out.

"Everyone was looking out from their windows and people in the flats near him were cleared out," the man said.

"They all came downstairs and police were not holding back or talking in corners.

"Everyone heard them say the body had been there for weeks."

Moat is the housing provider and a spokesman said they were "deeply saddened" by the death of one of the residents.

He added: "Fletchers Close is an independent living scheme where we provide daily checks for residents who choose to opt-in to the service.

"The police have confirmed that the death was not suspicious."

Moat refused to address the concern of residents about how long the body may have been there.

"Someone has to stand up and say sorry and this won’t happen again," the unnamed resident, 63, told News Shopper.

He said there has been less check-ups since the old warden left last year.

"Calls are coming in irregularly," he claimed. "Old people were used to the old structure. In a few years people in their 80s will be able to use iPads to press a button to let them know they are ok but at the moment they can’t.

"They were educated through the war."

He said Moat staff have been in close contact with residents since the death.

The Met Police press office said the incident was not on its system and could therefore not offer information.