Pupils at East Sheen Primary School have celebrated the first anniversary of a green wall which was developed by entire school community.

Members of staff and pupils gathered on Thursday (April 25) to celebrate the pollution-busting project, which took four months to complete.

Headteacher Elizabeth Page said: “We are delighted and proud that the green wall came into fruition to protect the children from pollution and make the playgrounds greener and more attractive.

“Our school is expanding but we retain a small community feel, where the hard work by parents and the PTA make a world of difference.”

The green wall was developed with funding support from the PTA, grants from the Mayor of London, and assistance from Richmond council, and significantly increased pollution protection from traffic on the South Circular Road.

The green wall comprises English Ivy (Hedera helix) and a solid acoustic fence attached to the pre-existing brick wall, which separates the school’s playground from Upper Richmond Road West. Additional plants and shrubs were also planted on the school premises.

For more information about the school, please visit www.eastsheen.richmond.sch.uk/