A nan has been left overwhelmed after the people of Penge and Beckenham rallied together after her handbag and precious family photos were snatched.

Pamela Hann, 85, was shopping in Bromley High Street when her possessions, including her pension money, were nicked from her trolley.

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Her granddaughter, Kerry Lou, 39, explained how her nan was left "devastated" by the callous theft.

This Is Local London:

However, Pamela’s "faith in humanity has been restored" after an online fundraiser raised almost £1,200 for her.

The original target was just £200 and the money will now be used to replace her bag, pension money and to contribute towards extra house security.

Since the theft, Pamela has been piling stuff by her front door to feel safer.

A heartwarming video captured the moment the pension money was returned to Pamela, who has since spoken on BBC Radio.

"She was so taken aback," Kerry told News Shopper. "She was very emotional and after filming she kept saying she couldn’t believe how kind people were. She was very teary."

Kerry also thanked everyone, including many strangers, who supported Pamela after the set back.

"People have been so supportive. The other day somebody recognised her in Sainsbury’s and asked how she was.

"We are just so grateful. I’m speechless and don’t actually know what to say. It is nice to know there are people out there who actually care," she added.

The video showed a gobsmacked Pamela being lost for words and in tears after her granddaughter handed her the donations.

Pamela lost her husband in the 60s and has lived in Penge her whole life.

She has been reluctant to leave her home to continue her weekly shopping trips because of the incident.

This Is Local London:

The stolen photos were of her children and grandchildren including a rare one when the whole family is together for her 80th birthday.

If anyone stumbles across the photos, they are asked to get in touch with News Shopper so they can be reunited with Pamela.