A Labour candidate for the local elections has potentially landed herself in hot water for organising a free beauty event, including manicures, for over 50s.

The Met Police are assessing whether Kim Powell, standing in Whitefoot, has committed electoral fraud for ‘treating’ after she organised the event earlier this month.

Ms Powell tweeted: “Organised a free pampering event for locals in the community. This group is often forgotten and isolated. Love my #Catford #Whitefoot community. Kindness goes a long way.”

Electoral Commission rules state food and entertainment cannot be provided by candidates to “corruptly influence” votes.

Lewisham People Before Profit reported the allegations to the police.

But Ms Powell said she had organised the event as part of her job as an outreach manager at a Church.

She said: “I am very disappointed at this mud-slinging by People Before Profit without checking the facts first.

“The event they complain of is part of an annual Caleb Pampering Day for the over-50s members of my church which takes place in five London boroughs all on the same day.

“I was involved as part of my job as the church’s community outreach manager, and the pampering I helped with was all part of the ordinary hospitality that visitors would expect,” she said.

A Met Police spokesperson said: “On 15 April 2019, an allegation of electoral fraud, namely ‘treating’ was reported to the Metropolitan Police Service.

“This matter is currently subject to an assessment by officers from the Special Enquiry Team.”

According to the electoral commission, a person is guilty of treating if either before, during or after an election they directly or indirectly give or provide any

food, drink, entertainment or provision to corruptly influence any voter to vote or refrain from voting.

Treating requires a corrupt intent – it does not apply to ordinary hospitality.

The candidates for the constituency are:

Ben Michael Brereton Blackmore – The Conservative Party

Max Brockbank – Liberal Democrats

Massimo James Dimambro – Democrats and Veterans Party

Cairis Grant-Hickey – Women’s Equality Party

Katherine Hortense – Christian Peoples Alliance

Kim Amanda Powell – The Labour Party

Gwenton Dennis Sloley – Lewisham People Before Profit