One police officer has ruptured their Achilles and another has broken their finger while detaining a shoplifting suspect in Deptford.

The police were responding to reports of stolen goods from a co-op in Deptford Church Street at 10am this morning before a struggle ensued with a suspect.

He was believed to have jumped over the counter of the shop.

The man, 40, was arrested before being taken to hospital after he claimed to have "swallowed a substance".

However, the police officers were injured in the struggle.

A police spokesman told News Shopper: "Two officers also attended hospital; one was found to have suffered a broken finger and another suffered a ruptured Achilles during the arrest."

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GreenwichWest Police also tweeted: "PC John responded to shoplifting call .. suspect followed on CCTV to Deptford High Street .. detained with help of Response team .. male struggled officer in hospital suspected broken hand suspect arrested."

The arrested man remains in hospital.