A group of volunteers have been left disgusted after fly tippers have continued to dump rubbish in the same location they fight to keep clean.

For a third consecutive time, members of Lea Valley Park Authority and The Canal and River Trust discovered more waste ditched under the M25 bridge south of Waltham Abbey on Thursday, April 2.

The team have been campaigning for people to stop fly tipping after clearing eight five of bags plastics, cardboard and more around the Rammey Marsh last February.

David Edwards, who grew up in Waltham Abbey but now lives in Buntingford, Herefordshire, said: “We are all pretty hacked off about it really.

“People are dumping it because they can get away with it, the council won’t take industrial waste or household waste away and this is what happens.”

Following the last major clear up operation, Mr Edwards wrote to Broxbourne Council to alert them of the ongoing situation.

The council responded saying they are planning to install CCTV within the area, but cameras have not yet been confirmed when they will be installed.

“There are huge concrete blocks around three quarters of a metre high and a metre long preventing people getting passed the area but some one clearly keeps moving the blocks to dump their stuff,” explained Mr Edwards. “It would take some effort to move them.”

Despite the teams best efforts, the 25-mile open space along the M25 and the River Lea is a popular place to dispose unwanted items.

The Canal and River Trust introduced an initiative last year for residents to adopt a stretch of river and be responsible for its maintenance.

Mr Edwards said all the volunteers are motivated to keep the river tidy but feels more vigorous fines will prevent further fly tipping to the area.

Broxbourne Council has been contacted for a comment.