A shocking video emerged today that a confrontation between two men armed with a machete and a baseball bat in broad daylight.

And now police have revealed exactly what weapons were used during the incident.

This Is Local London:

Police were called at around 3pm to Sprules Road but a video was recorded before armed officers arrived.

A spokesman for the Met Police said "people were seen in possession of weapons and a firearm".

He added: "A man has been arrested on suspicion of firearm offences."

This Is Local London:

The video itself shows a Mercedes and an Audi both parked in the road as two men with weapons attack each other’s cars.

One man is wearing a balaclava and appears to be holding a machete, which is used to strike the Audi car.

This Is Local London:

The other man, armed with a bat, appears to damage the side mirror of the Mercedes.

The video concludes with both men returning to their cars and driving away.

The MPS Firearms Command Twitter account have since posted the pictures of the weapons seized (above).

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To go along with the photos, they also revaled some new details.

"Police were deployed to Brockley yesterday after reports of a number of males smashing each others cars up and threatening each other with weapons including guns, knives, bats and batons," the post read.

"One male arrested and this collection recovered, turned out to be an air gun."