Walkers and volunteers defied weather warnings as they “carried on marching” for the Royal Marsden - despite the late cancellation of a much-anticipated annual event.

The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity was forced to call off the Banham Marsden March at the last minute, on March 9, due to high speed winds.

But even with the Met Office's yellow weather warning, people were still determined to show their support in various ways.

Some splintered off into smaller groups and walked in face of the weather, some took to treadmills, and others decided to host their own mini-events for the Marsden.

READ: Walkers 'carry on marching' after Marsden March is cancelled last-minute

These are just some of the reasons why people decided to “carry on marching” for the Marsden in a bid to raise vital funds for their services.

You can also see photos of walkers and volunteers in our photo gallery above.

Charlotte Lily

“We as a group completed the Marsden March because so many members of our family have had, and sadly died, from cancer.

“We continued to do the walk despite it being cancelled because you can’t cancel cancer or the pain the patients are going through, so we’re going to complete it whatever the weather.

“Cancer is one of the diseases that touch every single person – whether that be directly or indirectly. Each individual has known someone with cancer, so for our group it was important to raise money and walk in memory of all those people.”

Emma Greenslade

“Our team of 30 from Tasha’s Tearoom in Cheam (Team Super Suz – for my mum, Suzanne) also completed the 15 miles, with our current total raised standing at over £11,000.”

Amanda Wood

“I walked in memory of my dad, who lost his battle to leukaemia, and for my very good friend who has been given the 5-year all clear from cancer.”

Michael John Mockler

“Team BB’s doing our eighth and ninth Marsden Marches in memory of the amazing Billy Belderson. Forty one of us turned out to do the walk, and if it’s officially put back on we will do it again.”

Madeleine Quiney

“Team Maddy’s Minions (midwives all) still met for lunch, prosecco and a windy stroll! [We were] celebrating Maddy’s successful treatment for the ironic diagnosis of uterine cancer.”

Lindsay from Cheam Social Club

“We set up a group with our pub, the Cheam Social, and it’s got bigger and bigger every year and everyone joins in.

“Everyone has been affected by cancer at some stage, unfortunately, so it’s a positive thing to do for the hospital and for our community to show that we care.”