Police officers from the Metropolitan Police's South West Borough Command Unit (SW BCU) received commendations for their service at an awards ceremony today (February 21).

The awards were presented by SWBCU Leader Sally Benatar, and the Mayor and Mayoress of Kingston, Thay and Lata Thayalan, and were presented for "acts of heroism, bravery, superb investigation and more" the MPS said.

Incredible stories of heroism and service emerged during the ceremony as over a dozen officers from across the SW BCU were commended for their actions.

Some awards were presented for life-saving actions of SW BCU officers, such as those of PCs Clark and King.

Live blogging the event, Merton MPS said: "PCs Clark and King forced entry to an address where a woman had collapsed. She was unresponsive with no pulse & they carried out CPR until a pulse was found & assisted paramedics. Their actions undoubtedly saved her life. They are commended for courage & determination."

Other commendations were presented to officers who had performed remarkable feats of law enforcement, such as PC Ogles.

Richmond Police described his actions on Twitter: "On his way home from work PC Ogles saw two moped riders driving dangerously. He managed to detain them both by himself and they were charged with driving and drug offences. One was later convicted at court. He is commended for bravery and dedication."

Some officers with SW BCU, like PCs Bright and Dann were meanwhile awarded for their community outreach.

Said Wandsworth Police on Twitter: "PCs Bright and Dann ran a diversionary project for local children with Parallel Youth Enterprise and volunteers John Street, Callum Dann and Hannah Beckett. They provided a safe space for young children to decrease antisocial behaviour. They are commended for their community engagement."

In the second section of the event, community volunteers including Kingston's own Ann Chaplin, were commended.

Kingston Police said of Ms Chaplin: "Ann Chaplin has been a Met volunteer since 2003. She was part of the welcoming committee for officers drafted in to help with 2012 Olympics & in 2016 received a Mayor’s Community Award. Her expertise in the front counter role at Kingston Police Station is invaluable."

SW BCU was created last year amid wholesale changes to the Met's structure for policing in London, and incorporates the four South West Boroughs of Wandsworth, Richmond, Merton and Kingston.