There will be no trains running between Birkbeck and Beckenham Junction due to an earlier train fault.

A post on the National Rail website the disruption is expected to last until at least 9pm tonight.

"A fault has developed on the 4.45pm Beckenham Junction to London Bridge service, blocking the platform for trains to terminate at Beckenham Junction," the post read.

"When a train fault occurs, the driver will contact train technicians and will be guided through a repair process.

"If they are unable to fix the fault, the train will be terminated and taken out of passenger service and returned to the depot for full safety investigation and repairs.

"This is likely to have an immediate knock on effect, particularly in busy locations across the network, as well as on later services in the day.

"This process did not work and the train requires a 'rescue' service to take it back to the depot. This can sometimes take some time particularly in peak hours."

As a result of this, trains are unable to terminate at Beckenham Junction and trains will be terminating and restarting from Birkbeck.