Shots have emerged from a “cursed” horror film that allegedly caused a series of movie mishaps.

Scenes from 1976 chiller, The Omen were filmed on the upper floors of Northwick Park Hospital – and despite the picture being plagued with misfortune, female patients supposedly in a delicate state still managed to scale the stairs to see Gregory Peck.

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The box office hit about the rise of the son of Satan earned the reputation of being cursed after a chain of calamities including the death of a special effects assistant, a crew plane being struck by lightning, the director’s hotel being bombed, a stuntman attacked by Rottweilers, and the camera team narrowly escaping death when a flight they missed crashed killing everyone on board.

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Despite the disasters, The Omen went on to win an Oscar for best original song but failed to win over many critics who described it as “dumb and goofy”.

It went on to be parodied by South Park, That ‘70s Show and Only Fools and Horses.