A victim of theft in Caterham has expressed dismay at the police's decision to close his case despite claiming to have the alleged suspect's name and footage of the crime.

Home CCTV footage appeared to show an Amazon delivery driver stealing a sink worth £350 from the front garden of Mark Thomas' parents' home in December.

Mr Thomas reported the incident to the police, who were given the driver's name by Amazon in addition to the seemingly incriminating footage.

To his shock, Mr Thomas received a letter this month informing him that the case had been closed as the "details provided by Amazon are not enough to identify a suspect."

"This is simply unacceptable and lazy policing, in fact its bone idle policing," Mr Thomas said.

"Here we have an open and shut case where they have to do the minimal amount of work to catch a thief, with water-tight evidence and they are telling me they can't pursue the case due to not having enough to go on.

"To be honest, we all know that this is a lie, and I am more annoyed at being deliberately misled by the police and as a victim of crime, I deserve the truth as to why this case deserves total in action."

The high quality recording appears to show a young man dropping a package onto the front doorstep, then making off with a sink left in the front garden before driving away in a white van. His face is clearly visible.

Mr Thomas was in the process of fitting the expensive item into his disabled mother Christine's wetroom.

"I couldn’t believe the cheek of it," he said.

"It was only there as I'm currently building a wetroom for my mother, who needs one due to her disability.

"She couldn't believe the gall of it. He's supposed to be delivering us something but he's stealing in the process."

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Freelance couriers are hired by Amazon to deliver packages from depots to home addresses.

The company collaborated with the police's investigation, providing details of the driver in question.

Mr Thomas said he was told Amazon had since banned the driver from delivering packages and offered him compensation for the stolen item.

Surrey police said: "We received a report at approximately 6.30pm on Wednesday, December 19, that a ceramic sink had been taken from a front garden on Banstead Road, Caterham.

"The victim provided us with CCTV of a man making a delivery to the premises, and moving the sink.

"Unfortunately, while the CCTV clearly shows the individual moving the sink, it is not of sufficient quality to provide a clear identity for the suspect.

"While we have been provided with details of the courier used by Amazon, we were unable to identify the individual responsible through extensive enquiries into the name and details that the courier provided to Amazon.

"The case has therefore been closed pending further proportionate lines of enquiry."