Tottenham Hotspur have been given permission to increase the attendance cap at Wembley for a selection of their remaining home fixtures this season.

Brent Council unanimously approved the club’s request to boost the 51,000-spectator cap to 62,000 for up to five domestic games and 90,000 for Champions League matches.

It was agreed that there are suitable measures in place with regards to traffic, anti-social behaviour and littering to cope with the potentially-increased visitor numbers.

“We want Wembley to be a world-class sporting venue, but also a good neighbour,” said Chris Bryant, director of operations at Wembley Stadium.

“The stadium, and Spurs, take their responsibility to Brent and its residents very seriously.”

There were more than 60 objections to the cap increase, with several residents noting the increased anti-social behaviour and general congestion that comes with football matches.

But council officer Colin Leadbetter explained that there had been no issues raised by Transport for London nor the Metropolitan Police when it comes to the potentially-increased number of visitors.

He added that lifting the cap would not necessarily result in dramatic growth in spectator numbers, pointing out that average Spurs attendances for domestic games at Wembley this season are in the mid-50,000s.

While this is unlikely to be the case for the 90,000 capacity Champions League fixtures – more than 82,000 watched the defeat to Barcelona – the club cannot ‘carry over’ the maximum-attendance games if they are knocked out early.

Donna Cullen, director at Tottenham Hotspur, said the club has been “made to feel at home” at Wembley since it began playing there in 2017.

She explained that they are “very close” to moving in to their new ground – the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium – built on the site of the old White Hart Lane.

The club will continue to operate a ticket scheme for schools and grassroots football clubs while they remain at the national stadium, she added.