More than 3,000 pupils from 50 schools and colleges will take part in educational workshops to learn about one of the worst atrocities in recent history.

Students from Hertfordshire, Harrow and Hillingdon will have an opportunity to hear first-hand accounts from Holocaust survivors as part of the Northwood Holocaust Memorial Day events, between January 28 and February 7.

This year’s workshop, hosted by various synagogues, will

relate facts about the Holocaust to contemporary issues

surrounding, racism, discrimination, persecution and citizenship with the aim of educating students about the atrocity and promoting tolerance.

Rabbis will then deliver their closing reflections before the lighting of a memorial candle.

Watford Synagogue will host students from Watford Boys’ Grammar, Abbotts Hill and Hemel Hempstead Schools, Kings Langley School, Challney Boys School and West Herts College on February 4 and 5.

Peter Lantos, who at five years of age was deported with his

parents to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany, will recount his traumatic experience, the death of his father by starvation and his subsequent rise through the medical profession at a ceremony on January 31.

Laura Marks, chairman of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust and founder of Mitzvah Day, will also give an address.

Survivors Manfred Goldberg and Eva Clarke will speak in

Watford on February 4 and Peter Lantos and Harry Spiro on February 5.