WHILE many of us have already failed to keep our new year’s resolutions, a number of  residents at Dogs Trust West London’s rehoming centre in Harefield are busy working hard on theirs.

Staff hope it will help them to find permanent homes.

 “I will practise toileting outside so my carers can reward me”

Nine-year-old German Wirehaired Pointer Tiddles is trying his best with his toilet training and to do his business outdoors.

He’ll need patient adult owners that can help him get to grips with this skill and staff are confident he’ll have it nailed in no time! He’ll need a private garden in which to practise.

 “I will learn even more new tricks to show off with my carers”

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Rolo is a clever five-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross who is hoping that learning some new things will impress his special someone. He lacks confidence when meeting new people, which he is working on.

He’ll need to be the only dog in an adult-only home and would benefit from owners that don’t live on a busy road.

 “I will work with my carers to feel more confident in the dark”

Crossbreed Beaney is nine years old and scared of the dark, which is associated with his fear of fireworks and loud noises.

Staff relax him with a story and some quiet time together before bed and have put a small night-light in his kennel. His adult-only home must be in a quiet area. 

If you think you’d have the perfect home for one of these hard-working dogs, contact the centre on 0300 303 0292.