Another woman has come forward claiming she too was badly scalded by a hot drink from McDonald's - and is still suffering six months on.

WARNING: Beware if you are squeamish, there are graphic images of injury in this article.

Last week, News Shopper published an article about a Bexleyheath woman who said a cup of McDonald's tea gave her second-degree burns after she placed an order at the Crayford branch in December.

Rebecca James, a cleaner from Erith, has been in touch about a similar situation involving a hot drink from the fast-food chain which she says gave her a severely debilitating scald which still plagues her now.

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Rebecca claims the lid from a cup of tea she ordered from McDonald's in Erith in June last year was not applied correctly, causing the boiling beverage to spill over the top of her legs.

"We were parked in the car park and my partner passed the tea over to me. I sipped it but the lid came off and the tea went all over the top of my legs."

Rebecca said she had to be treated at Erith Hospital for two weeks and at one point her already gruesome injuries became infected, leaving her incapable of walking.

"What I had to do was get it covered every day and get the dead skin removed each day. But then it became infected.

"I didn’t know what it was at first. I couldn't walk but I thought it was part of the healing process. The doctors then told me it was infected and I had to go on antibiotics."

She said that although the incident occurred almost six months ago, her injuries were so severe that the skin on her legs is now so thin she is not allowed to get direct sunlight on them until June.

She also said that when she complained to McDonald's she was sent £20 of vouchers and told that staff were instructed to always secure the cup lids when dishing out hot drinks.

Rebecca believes that as well as the lids being a hazard, the temperature which the water is kept in the restaurant is "ridiculously hot".

"The lids need to be on properly and the temperature needs to be put down.

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"If that was a child, it would do a lot more damage," she said.

A spokesperson for McDonald's said: "We can confirm that we were in touch with this customer and resolved the situation directly last year."