Bexley police responded to more than 60 reports of vehicle-related crimes across the borough in the past week.

According to officers' updates in the latest Bexley Borough Neighbourhood Watch Update, a number of wards were targeted by thieves looking to break into cars and vans.

Neighbourhood Watch is also warning residents that numberplate thefts in the borough are at an "all-time high", explaining that stolen plates are used to evade arrests after cars are used during crimes.

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We have pinpointed the roads which were targeted in the last week.

Below is a map and a timeline of reports made to police from across Bexley.

(Note - A number of reports from officers did not include dates or locations so they are not included in the timeline)

Dec 31 – Carlton Road, Sidcup: £5000 worth of tools taken from a parked van

Jan 1 – Birchington Close, Bexleyheath: Vehicle damaged as tablet taken from inside.

Jan 1 – Cleveland Road, Welling: Car broken into and a Tom Tom Sat Nav stolen.

Jan 2 – Burnt Oak Lane, Sidcup: Number plates stolen from an Audi whilst parked on the drive.

Jan 2-3 – Selwyn Crescent, Welling: Items were taken from a vehicle parked outside the victims home.

Jan 3 – Woodlands Avenue, Sidcup: A vehicle had its front and rear registration plates stolen whilst parked overnight .

Jan 3 – Parkspring Court, Erith: A car was criminally damaged in the street.

Jan 3 – Merlin Road, Welling: Suspects were disturbed by the victim while going through the victims vehicle parked on the driveway.

Jan 3 – Marden Crescent, Crayford: A black Peugeot motor cycle GK65 KVX was stolen without keys by means of the steering lock being broken.

Jan 3 – Kale Road, Thamesmead: A motorcycle was stolen from outside a home.

Jan 3 – Thamesbank Place, Thamesmead: A sat-nav was stolen after suspects smashed through the window.

Jan 3 – Rushdene Road, Thamesmead: Vehicle registration plates stolen from car.

Jan 3-4 – Foots Cray Lane, Sidcup: Ford Focus parked outside a house was stolen.

Jan 3-4 – Woodfall Drive, Crayford: A silver Peugeot KS02NXK was stolen.

Jan 4 – Upton Road, Bexleyheath: A car was stolen in the street.

Jan 4 – Iris Avenue, Bexleyheath: A parked vehicle was found with its doors open. Police attended and secured the vehicle.

Jan 4 – Dene Avenue, Sidcup: Suspects managed to get into victim's car but was disturbed by victim who chased the suspects away.

Jan 4 – Maple Crescent, Sidcup: Vehicle broken into whilst on the driveway and bank cards taken.

Jan 4 – St Fidels Road, Erith: Car was criminally damaged.

Jan 4 – Crayford area: Residents were woken by footsteps within their home and realised that their BMW was being stolen. The person driving crashed the vehicle nearby and was arrested at the scene.

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Jan 4 – London Road, Crayford: A road rage incident occurred and a blue Ford had it's door damaged and window smashed. The suspect was driving a red Vauxhall.

Jan 4 – Brompton Drive, Erith: A vehicle was stolen.

Jan 4 – Sheppey Close, Erith: One vehicle had criminal damage by way of being keyed.

Jan 4 – Wolvercote Road, Thamesmead: Suspects smashed vehicle window and stealing loose change to the value of £10 from within vehicle.

Jan 4-5 – Methuen Road, Bexleyheath: Vehicle ignition barrelled but not taken.

Jan 4-5 – Ramillies Road, Sidcup: Vehicle taken from driveway.

Jan 4-5 – Blendon Road, Bexley: Criminal damage to motor vehicle as driver's door had been keyed.

Jan 4-5 – Brunswick Close, Bexleyheath: Theft from a motor vehicle.

Jan 4-5 – Lewin Road, Bexleyheath: Theft from motor vehicle as personal items stolen.

Jan 4-5 – Crofton Avenue, Bexley: Vehicle parked on driveway and money and glasses taken.

Jan 4-6 – Broadway, Crook Log: Parts stolen from a vehicle.

Jan 5 – Midhurst Hall, Bexleyheath: Tools stolen from a motor vehicle.

Jan 5 – The Drive, Bexley: A car was broken into whilst it was parked right outside a house. A bag was stolen from the boot. Some stolen items were recovered from further up the road.

Jan 5 – Woodside Road, Crayford: A taxi driver reported that his Vauxhall Zafira had been criminally damaged.

Jan 5 – Pickford Road, Bexleyheath: Theft from motor vehicle and sunglasses stolen.

Jan 5 – Wendover Way, Welling: A vehicle was taken from a driveway but was later found and returned to the owner.

Jan 5 – Wolvercote Road, Thamesmead: Suspects smashed the vehicle window. It is unknown at this time if any property was taken from within.

Jan 5 – Curlew Close, Thamesmead: A car window was smashed but nothing was taken.

Jan 5 – Kingfisher Close, Thamesmead: A smashed vehicle window by unknown means before stealing a wallet containing credit cards and £350 cash.

Jan 5-6 – Brook Street, Northumberland Heath: A car had its registration plates stolen.

Jan 6 – The Drive, Bexley: Suspects gained access to vehicle whilst parked on the driveway. Mulberry handbag, driving licence and credit cards stolen.

Jan 6 – Epsom Close, Bexleyheath: Car keys stolen from a burgled home and two cars taken.

Jan 6 – Albany Close, Bexley: Number plates stolen from a Ford transit van.

Jan 6 – Northumberland Heath area: Reg plates stolen from a vehicle.

Jan 7 – Lingfield Crescent, Welling: Victim left his vehicle locked and secure at the location at 5am and when returned at 4pm found the dashboard missing from the vehicle.

Jan 7 – Victoria Road, Erith: A van was stolen from outside a home.

Jan 7 – Springhead Road, Erith: Registration plates taken from a vehicle.

Jan 7 – King Harolds Way, Belvedere: A car was broken into but no damage was caused and nothing was taken.

Jan 7 – Milford Road, Belvedere: A car was stolen while the victim went back into their house leaving the vehicle running and insecure.

Jan 7-8 – Plymstock Road, Welling: A vehicle was stolen overnight.

Jan 7-8 – Pickford Lane, Crook Log: Items were taken from a car.

Jan 8 – Morrisons Welling: A car was stolen from the store car park.

Jan 8 – Walton Road, Sidcup: A Mercedes was stolen from outside a house.

Jan 8 – Frognal Avenue, Sidcup: Number plates taken from a vehicle.

Jan 9 – Hollywood Way, Erith: A stolen vehicle was recovered.

There were also vehicle crimes committed in Hythe Avenue, Hurlingham Avenue and Hadlow Road but no further information was given regarding these incidents.