A horrified couple have been left devastated after more than £50,000 of property was snatched from their home.

Faryal Khan, 23, believes her mum and dad’s house was raided by professional burglars, who trashed the Penge property before fleeing with gold worth £40,000 as well as £10,000 in cash and other valuables including four diamond rings.


"My parents are in tragedy," Faryal told News Shopper after the burglary on Tuesday (January 8) evening.

"My dad is not talking, and my mum is in pain. I feel so scared."

The culprits struck when the home was empty, after Faryal’s younger brother left to go to a tuition class.

Police dogs were searching the house just an hour later when the distraught family learned of the break-in.

Burglars forced their way through the back door before taking everything of value.

Faryal said: "They were very professional. They knew what they were doing, and they used bleach to hide fingerprints.

"They took a Hugo Boss watch my brother got for my dad as a gift. They also took his Gucci belt and clothes.

"It has all gone to waste. I just want to make people aware, because we know how this feels. People need to watch out and be vigilant now."

Faryal said she was grateful her parents, aged 65 and 55, weren't home at the time.

She said another home was targeted in the area recently but was reluctant to reveal exactly where her parents live.

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Police are investigating the burglary, and no arrests have been made.

The concerned daughter said Penge needed better street lightning and more cameras to protect areas with lots of elderly residents.