A cash-strapped primary school has been given permission to hold commercial events on the Jewish Sabbath in a bid to raise more funds.

Menorah Primary School, on The Drive, Golders Green, will be allowed to hold religious and social events in its hall on Friday afternoons and until 10.30pm on Saturday evenings.

Barnet Council’s planning officers had recommended councillors reject the proposals due to their potential to cause noise and disturb neighbours.

But councillors agreed to allow the school to hold a one-year trial of the events at a meeting of Finchley and Golders Green planning committee yesterday (Tuesday, January 8).

The council received a total of 53 objections to the proposals and 15 letters of support.

Speaking at the meeting, one resident said the plans “will cause an immensely negative impact on us”, causing “excessive noise disturbance, changing the character of this densely populated and quiet neighbourhood”.

He added: “We have young children who should be able to go to sleep at a reasonable hour and not be subjected to ongoing noise.

“On a road that is only half the size of an average road, even two or three cars make it impossible to park.

“We genuinely feel this application is an insult to residents in its total lack of consideration for the residents of this neighbourhood.”

But Menorah Primary School’s chairman of governors Jonathan Wolinsky said: “We are under severe financial pressure, especially in relation to SEN (special educational needs) children, where we need further teaching assistance.

“We are seeking a relaxation of the conditions to enable us to start a commercial enterprise to enable us to raise much-needed funds for the benefit of our children.”

Mr Wolinsky admitted some of the events could involve singing but said the hall’s windows would be closed and insisted neighbours would not be disturbed.

Five councillors voted in favour of allowing a one-year trial, while one member abstained.

The conditions of the trial period will be determined at a future meeting of the committee.