Six neighbours in Eltham have won the postcode lottery, putting an extra £30,000 into each of their pockets.

The residents with the postcode SE9 4TA were presented with their cheques just before Christmas.

One woman said, "I can't stop shaking, I'm speechless. Honestly, it'll make a massive difference, it's life-changing for me.

"Even when I got a call letting me know the team would be coming round, I had no idea it would be this much. I'm in shock.

"This means I'll be able to get a new little car, and I would absolutely love to go on a cruise, maybe to see the northern lights. I'll be able to help my family out a bit too."

Pharmacy Assistant Michelle lives a few doors down from Frances and also landed a £30,000 prize.

Michelle said, "It is a total surprise! I'm so delighted for our neighbours who have also won. It's fantastic to know others are celebrating too.

"I think the first thing we'll do with the money is book a holiday. We love Corfu so we'll probably go back there, but we'll be able to do it on a bit of a bigger budget this time.

"We absolutely never thought this would happen to us. Even if you don't win, at least you know you're doing your bit for good causes, but now we feel incredibly lucky to have won too."

This prize was part of a draw promoted by the Royal National Institute of Blind People.

There is £150 million in prizes to be won this year, so if I were you I would sign up now.