A scheme founded by a Croydon student is giving victims of the Grenfell fire the chance to attend university on free scholarships.

Adam Yasir, a MA Human Rights and International Relations student at the University of Roehampton, set about establishing the 3E Scholarship scheme to give prospective students from underprivileged backgrounds better access to higher education.

Mr Yasir, 27, mobilised the voices of over 1000 students across eight universities, physically collecting signatures in support of his campaign. 

Kingston University, University of Roehampton, The University for the Creative Arts and Canterbury Christ Church University have agreed to waive tuition fees for students affected by the Grenfell fire last year, in which 72 people lost their lives.

Mr Yasir, founder and director of the 3E Scholarship Scheme, said: “Education is one of the most powerful and fundamental methods of acquiring knowledge, skills, beliefs and values.

"It will allow us to grow, build prosperous communities, gain empathy and develop the strategies we need to articulate and share our experience and common values which are essential to our coexistence as one big family.

"I am fully committed to continue campaigning and standing against policies that marketise our education system.

"I pledged to continue the fight to eradicate the barriers that are hindering certain individuals from disadvantaged communities to fulfil their aspirations. Because universities are the repository of human wisdom.

"Hence, I set the mission to continue fighting to advocate for scholarships and accessible education for all for as long as I have a beating heart”

Mr Yasir travelled across the country in his campaign, presenting in Oxford, Cambridge and Kent.

As well as Grenfell victims, the scheme will focus on benefitting asylum seekers, refugees, care leavers, overseas interpreters, and translators who worked with the British Army.