In March, a mother launched a campaign group to raise awareness of “life threatening” allergies that have blighted her son’s life since birth.

Radhika Shah, of Northwood, started an allergy support group because her son, Saavan, has suffered with “severe” allergic reactions since he was a baby.

She said: “My son was a year old when I gave him half a spoonful of baby yoghurt. Little did I know that spoonful could have taken his life.”

And, Edith Pryor (above), who celebrated her 100th birthday on Christmas Day, urged women to “keep on fighting” for equality as she recounts key moments in history in the fight for equal rights.

She said: “Gaining the right to vote was, without a doubt the biggest step forward for women during my lifetime.”

Also in March, almost £1 million was awarded to Harrow Council by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan as part of the mayor’s Good Growth Fund.

The money went towards the creation of a public space in Lyon Road and an adjacent pop-up test eatery at the former Cumberland Hotel site.

And, Theresa May visited Harrow where she discussed the area’s recent history and hopes for the future.

The prime minister travelled to Indian restaurant Bombay Central in Harrow Weald to speak with businesspeople, residents and politicians.