A proposed lease termination has given Hampton & Richmond Youth FC a major unplanned facilities challenge.

Hampton Wick Cricket Club, who currently lease the ground to the youth team, have decided to change tenant at Kingsfield, after 20 years.

Surrey Youth League have determined that, due to lack of amenities, Hampton Common can also no longer be used.

Collectively, these decisions have cast a shadow over the club’s future and it’s 319 junior players.

Currently the plans would mean that Harlequins Youth Rugby would use Kingsfield, once they are converted to rugby pitches. A spokesperson from Hampton Wick Cricket Club said: "We would like to move from football to rugby as we think it will bring in more people. The decision is not yet final and we have a meeting with Richmond Council after Christmas."

The youth management committee at Hampton and Richmond FC have set out a rescue plan that, if successful, will see them swap Hampton Wick for Hampton central.

With the current 27 teams expected to grow, the club requires the use of nine pitches. Ideally, these would be housed within a single facility. However, as sites such as these simply do not exist in the Hampton area, a more pragmatic approach has been put forward.

A series of meetings, lobbying and discussions have garnered support from Middlesex FA, Sports Richmond, Hampton Junior School, Hampton Hill Cricket Club, Teddington Athletic, local Councillors and indeed Sir Vince Cable.

Surrey Youth League rules state that clubs must submit their allotted home fields by May in order to be granted affiliation. Time Is running out to turn offers of support into firm commitments.

The club remains hopeful that the distinctive red and blue shirts will continue to be seen across the Borough on Sunday mornings.

A Richmond Council spokesperson said: "The council have only recently become aware of the cricket club’s intentions, and will be raising this with them in the new year."