A "horrific" smell is coming from a neglected flat in Sidcup after a "dead tarantula" and "human faeces" were found by cleaning crews, a disgusted neighbour says.

According to Carly Nelson, a resident of Chaplin House off Sidcup High Street, the smell wafting down from the flat above hers has caused her to vomit multiple times since attempts to clean the residence began on November 29.

It is understood the previous tenant of the pongy flat vacated the property earlier this year and has not returned since.

In a complaint sent to housing authority L&Q, Ms Nelson claims she learned from speaking to the cleaning crew that faeces had been found in plastic bags scattered across the apartment, along with used sanitary products.

It's claimed the removal of a fridge-freezer left the workers "completely distressed" as it was full of "rotten food and maggots."

It is also claimed a tarantula was found dead in a cage in the flat.

A dead cat was also supposedly found under a bed, however a spokeswoman for L&Q denied this.

Speaking to News Shopper, mum-of-two Ms Nelson said that when the dreadful pong initially entered her home she was forced to leave.

"I opened my windows as the smell has overtaken my home. I gagged several times and was sick when I left the block.

"This year has been the hottest year for many years so try to imagine my description with the continuous heat throughout the summer and the type of smell I am trying to describe," she said.

Ms Nelson also said the stench has still lingered and she is concerned it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

"The smell is further into my flat than before," she said.

Ms Nelson said she had called L&Q about this property back in May as she had heard from her neighbours that the previous tenant had vacated the property in the months previous.

When contacted about this, a spokesperson for L&Q confirmed the tenant had left the flat in the first half of the year but had continued paying rent up until August.

"As soon as we were aware that 10 Chaplin House had been abandoned we commenced legal proceedings to obtain lawful entry and possession of the property.

"Unfortunately when we entered the flat, we found it in a state of disrepair. We have since performed two deep cleans of the property and the communal areas.

"We are aware that some issues still persist and are currently taking further action as a matter of urgency which will hopefully fully resolve any outstanding concerns," she said.

However, Ms Nelson is still concerned as residents have had to keep the main door of the building open in an attempt to clear the bad smell, which she claims poses a "massive security issue" for tenants.

At the time of writing, Ms Nelson said another cleaning crew will be dispatched to the flat in question on Monday, December 17, following a visit from an L&Q caseworker.