Proposals are being submitted to move a medical centre nearly four miles away to be part of a hospital.

Although not finalised, the proposals under the Barnet Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) would see Ravenscroft Medical Centre in Golders Green moved to Finchley Memorial Hospital in Granville Road.

The centre looks after an estimated 7,000 patients and many of whom need constant care such as the elderly or young.

Dr Rob Ginsburg, 67, is a patient at the centre and has raised his concerns about the move.

Dr Ginsburg spent more than twenty years as a consultant anaesthetist in NHS hospitals, he said: “At the very least this will cause enormous difficulty for existing patients and appears to have been approved without any form of consultation.

“I’m at the age where things start to go wrong, and I need to constantly go to the doctors and get checked.

“The people most in need of the practice are going to be most affected.

“Many of these people cannot travel long distances, they may be frail or have to be looking after two screaming children.

“The closure would be a shame, for a long time people would queue up to use the centre it is very good.”

A spokesperson from Barnet NHS CCG said: “It’s important to understand that this is not a practice closure and that we will consult with patients before any proposal is finalised.

“The original plan for Finchley Memorial Hospital included space for a GP practice and since it opened in 2012, Barnet Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has been exploring options to do this because of the benefits it will bring to patients and the local community.

“An on-site GP practice allows patients to access a wider range of co-located services, such as the pharmacy, community and diagnostic services. This will improve the patient experience.

“We will be actively consulting with Ravenscroft Medical Centre patients to seek their views before a final decision is made.

“If the practice does relocate, there will be no change in the level of quality care patients currently receive; patients will continue to see the same doctors and nurses and there will be a wider range of services and clinics available for all patients.”