Crystal Palace were given the red card by unimpressed inspectors after mice were found in their Beckenham training ground kitchen.

The Premier League training facility in Copers Cope Road, Beckenham, was subsequently given the lowest possible food hygiene rating of 0.

Investments have been made since the disastrous food hygiene inspection on August 29, 2018.

The report, obtained under a Freedom of Information request, stated: "You had a significant mouse problem requiring immediate action.

"You agreed to voluntarily close the kitchen for a few days to address this matter.

"It is clear that you haven’t managed the problem effectively and the activity has been ongoing for months."

The club was also criticised for not having hot water or "hygienic hand drying facilities" at the wash basin.

Palace said they have now picked up their game and expect a much improved rating in future.

A spokesman for The Eagles said: "We invested substantially in the training ground over the summer, upgrading facilities for our players and staff, and immediately took action to remedy the issues highlighted in the kitchen area following the works.

"The remedial action was approved by the environmental health inspector and we are confident that our five-star rating at Beckenham will be restored when we are re-inspected, in line with our five-star rating for the kitchen facilities at Selhurst Park."

Bromley Councillor Kate Lymer said the borough’s food safety officers are working with the club to improve standards.

The public protection and enforcement cllr added: "Part of this will involve revisiting the premises and it should be noted that when we did this, the problems identified had significantly improved.

"It should be noted that the score will remain in place until the next routine inspection unless the provider applies for a re-score inspection in the interim period."