Plans have been submitted again to demolish a building for a two storey, 300 capacity church in Belvedere.

A new development, which would be a “masterpiece of modern architecture”, would be built at land near Belvedere Railway station, in Station Road.

A similar scheme was thrown out earlier this year, with planners at Bexley Council arguing the new church would be too big – resulting in “a loss of outlook and increase in noise and disturbance” for neighbours.

Revised plans for a slightly smaller place of worship have now been submitted, reducing the capacity of the building from 400 to 300.

In its planning application, the Christ Chapel Ministries said: “The replacement building was purposely designed to be a masterpiece of modern architecture at its prominent location for its intended use as a community facility and youth centre and to make this area visually attractive.

“The proposed new building will be in keeping with buildings of similar scale and it would regenerate this area and improve safety by cleaning up crime hot spots.”

The church would have offices, a conference room, and a youth centre as well as a cafe and large auditorium.

If given the go-ahead by planners, a small building on land between Station Road and Railway Place would be bulldozed for the new church, which would have five car parking spaces and one disabled bay.

No decision has been made on the scheme, which is currently in the hands of experts at the council.