A toilet plonked on a Biggin Hill street may attract more anti-social behaviour, according to Bromley Council, which slammed Transport for London (TfL) for not consulting residents.

The loo, which is being called a Turdis, was secretly installed on Tuesday (December 4) at the junction of Melody Road and Whitby Close.

One resident said the glass window had already been smashed and that the strangely placed toilet will soon attract rats.

TfL bus drivers will be the beneficiaries of the toilet, and the company has said sorry for not informing residents. 

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Councillor William Huntington-Thresher said the council has "urgently" tried to contact TfL to demand why residents were not warned.

The environment executive told News Shopper: "Whilst neither Bromley’s permission nor planning permission may be required, this does not mean that the views of local people can be disregarded, with the potential for these toilets to attract anti-social behaviour, with vandalism already an issue.

"We are making TfL aware of the views of our residents to these installations at these unwelcome locations.

"We will continue to engage with TfL to provide them with the benefit of local knowledge and alert them to local issues. We remain hopeful that TfL will listen more often than at present."

Stephanie Willis, 33, who has lived on the street since February, asked whether the imminent 3.1 per cent rail fare rise in January is funding the unwanted toilet.


She added: "I am furious. I bought my first home in February and already it is devalued because there is a toilet outside."

Nick Fairholme, director of project and programme delivery at TfL, said: "We are sorry that not all residents were aware of our plans to install a toilet for bus drivers in Biggin Hill before work began.

"The toilet is part of our work to improve conditions for London’s bus drivers and was installed in agreement with the London Borough of Bromley, but unfortunately our courtesy letters did not reach all residents.

"We are investigating how this happened to ensure it does not happen again."