Excessive amounts of glitter, naughty jokes and our own fairy godmother - fabulous Cinderella is bringing the magic to this year’s Bromley festive season.

The Churchill Theatre’s 2018 panto follows Cinderella (Charlotte Haines) and her quest to find a man who likes her for who she is and not what she is, a servant.

The wonderful Birds of a Feather star Lesley Joseph was everything we could have hoped for in a fairy godmother, with witty quips and a dazzling singing voice.

As we know, Cinderella is living in rags and having to do everything her horrible sisters (Graham Hoadly and Jack Land Noble) tell her to do, made only slightly better by her best friend Buttons (Phil Reid).

Button was a delight and was able to get the audience screaming and shouting and clapping, despite his heart breaking when Cinderella turns down his marriage proposal.

As the story goes, Cinderella meets Prince Charming (James Darch) and obviously falls madly in love followed by her life magically falling into place.

However, if you are looking for a cosy, traditional pantomime then you might want to keep looking.

The show itself is a new version of Cinderella but is unfortunately far from the ‘oh yes she did’ of a traditional panto and places it more into the category of ‘non-Christmas pop show’, in which no one recognises most of the songs.

There was also a miscommunication between actors and audience, with some of the cast not taking the opportunity to play with the reactions received, leading to some tumbleweed moments.

But the real Shetland ponies pulling Cinderella’s carriage and a hilarious dance routine involving the Ugly Sisters, Buttons and Fairy Godmother at the end, it is certainly something to consider this Christmas.

Cinderella will play at The Churchill Theatre until December 30.