Working in partnership with TEAMGlobal, an organisation which aims to empower young people to be active global citizens, Gumley hosted their sixth conference on Tuesday 17 October. 

200 students from four schools, came together to listen and then participate with a range of speakers, all representing diverse viewpoints on the subject of climate change.

Dr Paul D. Williams, Professor of Atmospheric Science in the Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading and the first speaker of the day, said:  “It was a pleasure to meet so many talented young people. It is crucial that scientists engage directly with young people on climate change.

“Opinion surveys have shown that celebrities and governments are not trusted to provide reliable information. People want to hear about climate change straight from the horse's mouth.”

Other speakers who contributed during the conference, were Harry Wilkinson, a researcher for The Global Warming Policy Forum, Amy Macfarlance from Greenpeace and Kevin Lawler a schools’ volunteer for CAFOD.

Lawler said: “The guest speakers gave the students a broad and balanced perspective of the various points of view surrounding this issue. The students were fully engaged throughout and offered excellent contributions in both their questioning and the responses given, showing a mature perception of the dilemmas we are faced with. I look forward to participating in future events!”

During the interaction with the four speakers, the students were animated and asked some poignant questions, voicing concerns about their futures in relation to climate change.

Caroline Braggs Headteacher, said: “This year’s topic once again thoroughly engaged our student audience, who will help to shape the future. The aim of our conferences is to increase students’ awareness of world affairs enabling them to make more informed decisions.

“Each year we identify a global issue to debate and with the support of TEAMGlobal, we invite external speakers to share their knowledge and opinions. We are once again grateful to all the speakers for their substantial contribution.”