An Atomic Kitten star says she is "appalled" after being "sexually assaulted" on a train to south-east London.

Natasha Hamilton was on a train from London Bridge to Elmstead Woods on Wednesday (October 10) when a man “pushed his penis” against her.

The shaken singer tweeted: “This vile excuse of a man just had his penis pushed up against me while on this overground train from London Bridge heading to Elmstead Woods.

“I thought it was a bag until I felt him heavy breathing down my neck. I am appalled and calling the transport police when I get off.”

She later wrote: “Honestly I am shaking and feel so violated now. But more than anything I am so angry. This has to stop happening to people.”

A spokesman for British Transport Police said they were aware of the alleged sexual assault.

He added: “We take every report of unwanted sexual behaviour with the utmost of seriousness – and through our Report It To Stop It campaign we are encouraging victims to come forward to tell us what happened. You can do this by using our simple and discreet 61016 text service or by calling us on 0800 40 50 40.

“Thankfully, the rail network is a CCTV rich environment and we use every opportunity to use this crucial evidence to help prosecute suspects. We also work tirelessly to combat sexual offences by running covert patrols across the rail network with plain clothed officers.”