Residents in Penge fled from their homes after a huge crack appeared on the walls of their flats.

London Fire Brigade was called to the block of flats in Ospringe Close last night (October 10) after concerned residents heard a bang.

Trevor Holyoake, who lives at a home next door, told News Shopper: “A neighbour came at around 8.30 and said she heard a loud bang and cracks appeared in her wall.

“I walked across to her flat and my heart shot through me. I got her out instantly and a one-year-old baby out instantly.

“You could see through the crack to the neighbour’s home and I also got a disabled woman in her 80s out.

“The crack was so visible it was unreal.”

He said the elderly disabled woman stayed on his couch overnight over safety fears.

Trevor, who has lived on the road for 14 years, said he has noticed the older homes next door having “sunk” in recent times.

“I’m so angry,” he added. “Clarion Housing turned up at midday today. People are on the street waiting to be rehomed.

“It is absolutely disgusting. The homes are falling apart.”

A spokesman for Clarion, which runs run the building, said: “An incident occurred at one of our properties at Ospringe Close last night whereby a structural defect occurred.

“Thankfully nobody was hurt and our local staff responded immediately to assist the fire brigade with its investigation and to ensure the residents’ safety.

“Our engineers are on site, completing further investigations and we are working with the residents affected to find suitable alternative accommodation.

“Until the investigation is complete we will not be able to advise on timescales for the remedial works, however the wellbeing of these households will continue to be our top priority.”