Police in Greenwich have hailed their officers for their "exemplary restraint" after they were attacked while trying to get a man off a bus.

The incident happened on Sunday night when the man was said to be disturbing other passengers on the bus.

When police tried to remove him, he punched an officer in the face and was immediately arrested.

When the man was being searched in custody, he then bit another officer on the arm, leaving a bloody bite mark and a bruise.

In a series of tweets, the @MPSGreenwich account praised the officers, from Team E, for their professionalism in the face of "outrageous" behaviour.

The man has been charged with assault amounting to ABH, assaulting police, criminal damage, racially aggravated public order towards a police officer and public order offences towards other passengers on the bus.

He has been remanded in custody to appear before a magistrate.

Tweets suggest the officers went back to work after the attack, as the account has used the hashtag #backonduty.