Do you wake up every morning for work, wishing you could spend a few extra hours in bed?

Well then we have a dream job alert for you.

Nasa wants to pay someone £12,000 to sleep for 70 days. Sounds easy, right?

Unfortunately, there’s a catch.

You will have to spend the time not moving from bed. You’ll be expected to eat, sleep, shower and basically live in the same position as it causes the body and the cardiovascular system to adapt as though it were in space.

You also have to stay horizontal with your head at a six degree head tilt, according to Nasa, which sounds pretty uncomfortable if you’re a fidgetier or generally get really restless.

The space agency wants to see how the human body reacts to this, as it mimics the position your body would be in if you were in space. It shows researchers how the body reacts ti weightlessness and scientists collect the data by studying blood pressure, heart rate, nutrient absorption, bone mass and mood.

It also may be able to shine a light on the effects of ageing, bedriddenness, immobilisation and isolation.

It has assured participants they will be in safe hands.

Sounds like pretty easy money, right?