An inquest has heard the horrifying details of how a former Bromley policeman was repeatedly stabbed on the day of the Westminster terror attack.

On March 22, 2017, Dartford-born Khalid Masood crashed his hired 4x4 into railings, injuring and killing a total of 11 people.

Masood, 52, then ran into New Palace Yard where he stabbed the 48-year-old officer, PC Keith Palmer.

The inquest revealed that Masood stood over the officer, stabbing him repeatedly until he was distracted by another officer.

Mortally injured, PC Palmer got back to his feet but collapsed again on the cobbles as he bled out from wounds to his head and back.

James West, who was inside Portcullis House, said Masood was "stabbing downwards, like you see in a horror film... in a Hollywood stabbing motion".

"I remember being amazed because the officer managed to get up after being attacked, after being stabbed so many times."

Today a lawyer for PC Palmer's widow questioned why armed officers were nowhere to be seen when he was attacked.

Dominic Adamson was questioning unarmed officer PC James Ross, who ran to tackle Masood after his colleague was attacked inside the gates of the Palace of Westminster.

PC Ross, who used to be an armed officer, said there had been a move towards roving patrols from having firearms officers stationed at Carriage Gate.

Mr Adamson said: "From a position where there used to be armed officers protecting unarmed officers at the gate we move to a position where unarmed officers would be left as a matter of routine unprotected which means that if an attack such as the one that occurred an officer would be left with a spray and a baton against a large man with two knives."

PC Ross agreed.

Carl Knight, who was on the top deck of a bus, heard the "load bang" as Masood crashed his Hyundai.

After crashing into pedestrians Masood, being approached by a pedestrian, said "f*** off, you don't want to mess with me," Mr Knight said in a statement.

A woman clutching a child said "Don't kill me", while the "aggressive" knifeman ran towards Carriage Gates, behind a screaming crowd of people.

Mr Knight told how PC Palmer grappled with Masood before he was stabbed.

Frantic scenes of people rushing to offer first aid were captured on a mobile phone.

In audio played at the Old Bailey, there were shouts of: "Police officer stabbed in the head. Police officer stabbed in the head."

He was described as having a "weak pulse" and losing blood while another person said: "He's been stabbed in the back."

A man could be heard urging PC Palmer to fight for his life, shouting: "Keith, come on son."

An ambulance arrived on the scene just before 3pm but efforts to save PC Palmer's life stopped at 3.15pm.

Masood was brought down by a plain-clothes officer, who shot him three times.

PC Palmer, 48, was married with a five-year-old daughter. He was a long-time Charlton fan.