STAFF working at a council can no longer access the website of their choice.

Kent County Council (KCC) has made the decision to ban its staff from visiting the popular social networking website,

The website is used as a social networking site, allowing work colleagues, friends and families to keep in contact.

This ban affects all 32,000 of its staff across Kent.

A KCC spokesman said: "KCC has restricted access to the website Facebook as part of its overall electronic use policy.

"Like any other organisation, we have a responsibility to keep our IT systems secure and we're one of several large organisations that has taken this step."

KCC's Labour shadow leader Mike Eddy said "If it was a big problem I think it is a shame they didn't talk to their staff about it first.

"Although the staff should be working not playing, if it is work related I do not see anything wrong with it."

Mr Eddy added: "As per usual it seems that KCC has decided try and look tough by banning it."

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