Several burglaries and thefts have been reported across Bexley over the past week, but some have been a little bit bizarre.

Reports from across policing wards in the borough, collected by the Bexley Borough Neighbourhood Watch Association, detail some of the stranger incidents, from trivial items being pinched to botched attempts that did not go to plan.

In Thanet Road, Bexley, police in the St Mary’s and St James’ ward received reports a set of communal gates had been stolen overnight from July 24 to 25.

Police in Crayford were called to a burglary – one of the few crimes reported in the ward this week – in Iron Mill Lane on August 2 at around 4.45am.

After the house was broken into through a door believed to be locked, the homeowner’s dog sent the intruder into a fluster by barking loudly.

The intruder then dropped the bag he was about to leave with.

The only burglary reported in Sidcup this week happened in Saxon Walk between August 3 and August 4.

The homeowner returned home to find a duvet in the bedroom had been damaged and some of the electrical cables in the house had been cut.

Police believe the intruder may have entered the house through a window that had been left on the latch and have warned homeowners to lock all doors and windows when leaving the house.

Officers in the Blendon and Penhill ward have reported another unusual break-in at a house on Shoreham Close.

After an intruder forced open a lock in the house, they reportedly stole a packet of cigarettes and a £1 coin.