A Twickenham non-profit social enterprise are tackling inequality in Africa through sport.

Harper Performance CIC have launched a sports development project in Northern Uganda in collaboration with the Football for Good Academy.

East Africa has been all but shut out of global football, according to the social enterprise. The rest of Africa has a history of producing footballing talent, but this is not the case for countries in eastern Africa.

Five African nations qualified for the 2018 World Cup, none of them were from East Africa.

Countries in East Africa have little to offer in regard to local training, competition and club development to retain their players at home, meaning some of the best East African youth are moving to Europe and the Middle East to realise their full sporting potential.

Tim Harper, of Harper Performance said: “This so-called "muscle-drain" impoverishes local leagues of talent and infringes structural development across the region, consigning places like Uganda to the status of perennial underachievers on the international stage, despite the raw talent being produced across the country.

“Without real domestic opportunities in East Africa, malpractice through football's labour market has grown out of control with countless talented footballers falling victim to predatory agents offering fake development opportunities abroad.”

Harper Performance CIC exists to support small-scale high-impact organisations that are support athletes from the most deprived regions in the developing world.

They are working to combat inequality in global sport and support underdogs sportsmen and women.

The mission at Harper Performance is not to transplant the high-performance sports systems of Western Europe, Australia or the USA to Uganda.

Instead, the social enterprise is looking to utilise the expertise of their projects team and the know-how and experience of the local staff on the ground to foster free-form development in these disadvantaged, deprived and marginalised athletic communities.

Harper Performance CIC are based on Queens Road in Twickenham.