A Charlton family is hoping to hit 100 years working within the NHS when a third generation starts her career in nursing.

Jennifer Sherr became a nurse more than 70 years ago and continued working into her 90s.

She started as a district nurse in The London Hospital (now the Royal London Hospital) in Whitechapel, and was also a community midwife around Shepherds Bush.

Jennifer then because a practice nurse at a GP surgery in both Greenwich and then Southall in west London.

She continued working in Southhall doing admin, travelling from Greenwich two to three times a week until the age of 92.

Sadly Jennifer died in 2013 at the age of 94 but not before she had inspired her daughter and granddaughter to follow in her footsteps.

Daughter Deborah, 57, who has worked at Guy's Hospital, in told News Shopper: "I wanted to be a nurse from a young age but went off the idea as I got a bit older.

"I got inspired again when I saw a film about the the killing fields of Cambodia and thought I would go into nursing and travel (I have never got much further that the Isle of Dogs in fact!)"

Now Deborah's daughter Yael is set to become the third generation of Sherr to start a career in nursing.

The 19-year-old is currently awaiting her A-Level results from John Roan School in Greenwich, which will be released on August 16.

Yael has previously undertaken work experience at Guy’s and now plans to do her nurse training after her degree.

Deborah said: "When my mum sadly died in 2013 and my daughter saw that my mum did not receive the best of care she became even more motivated.

"As a family we have spanned the 70 years of the NHS and hopefully she will see 100 years of the NHS in her career."

Deborah added: “Mum would have been the proudest grandparent in the world knowing that Yael was going into the nursing profession.”