Families of sick children took part in a photoshoot celebrating 90 years of Mickey Mouse.

Noah's Ark Children's Hospice, which looks after children from Barnet, Hertsmere and Enfield, organised the day for a group of families.

Aga, Lucas, Boris and Wiktor were pictured, alongside Kye and Denise and Shakila, Janine and Jibraan.

They have now been featured in a book alongside 30 cultural icons, including singer Rochelle Hulmes and McFly's Tom Fletcher with wife Giovanna.

Wiktor was one of three triplets, with one dying shortly after birth.

His mum, Aga, said: "“Meeting Tom, Giovanna and Mickey Mouse was an amazing experience.

“When Wiktor saw Mickey and Minnie he was so excited – he gently kicked his legs and couldn’t take his eyes off Mickey.”

Alongside Rochelle Humes in the book are Denise, Khadijah, Kamal and Kye who became ill and acquired brain damage at just eight-months-old, and now needs 24 hour care.

Her mum Denise said:“When Kye saw Mickey Mouse at the photoshoot, her eyes lit up.

“It was a magical moment I will never forget.”

Shakila, Janine and Jibraan were also photographed.

Jibraan was diagnosed with CHARGE syndrome at just seven-weeks-old, had to overcome major surgery to open his air passages and spent ten months in hospital before finally coming home.

Now aged six, he has both visual and hearing impairments, severe breathing difficulties and problems swallowing, which means he is fed by a tube.

“The highlight of the experience had to be meeting Mickey Mouse” said mum, Shakila.

“Jibraan tightened his grip on my hand and couldn’t stop staring as Mickey walked towards us.

"When he got close he reached out to cuddle him – the magic Mickey created in that moment was something very special.”

The photos were taken by photographer, Ben Rankin.

There are just 300 collector’s edition copies available, which go on sale on eBay at 9pm on Thursday, August 9, with all proceeds going to children’s hospice charity Together for Short Lives.

Ten special-edition versions including signed memorabilia from many of the stars involved will also be auctioned to the highest bidders in support of the charity. The books are available from 9pm on Thursday, August 9 on eBay: ebay.co.uk/mickey90