Dispersal orders are being issued by police in the centre of Erith this weekend as World Cup excitement mounts.

The Direction to Leave Notices, which are part of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act, will be in effect from 5pm on Friday, July 13 until 2am on Monday, July 16.

Police have warned people to behave themselves while in the area at the weekend, or risk being forced to leave the area.

While the orders are in place, officers also have the authority to seize any item they believe a person might be using to distress or harass someone else.

Anyone over the age of 10 will be subject to the order, and police have authority to escort children under 16 to a safer place.

If anyone refuses to leave the area after being asked, they risk arrest and a fine of up to £2500 or even three months in prison.

The areas affected include West Street and Erith town centre.