A weekend of celebrating football coming home could start with a bang - with thunderstorms forecast for Friday.

The Met Office has issued a weather warning for thunder for Friday afternoon and evening, meaning there could be flooding, damage to buildings, poor driving conditions and possible loss of power due to lightning strikes.

The area of the country covered by the warning does not quite extend to London but there is still a risk we will get "heavy, thundery showers" amid sunny spells.

The Met Office says it will most likely be a dry weekend but a few showers are still possible on Saturday afternoon.

It is also forecast to become increasingly hot, with the weekend seeing temperatures rocket back up to the high 20s, maybe even hitting 30C to coincide with England winning the World Cup.

Most people will obviously be getting a bit (a lot) boozy on Sunday if (when) we get into the final, but please be careful in the sun.