A dessert shop in Welling has apologised for a job advertisement it posted after it was accused of age discrimination.

Skoops Gelato and Dessert House came under fire after asking for candidates who were a minimum of 25 years old.

After the advert was posted on Skoops' Facebook page, the photo was shared several times as a row erupted over age discrimination in its hiring process.

One Facebook user said: "How do you expect people under 25 to support themselves and not live off the government if places like this use our age against us?"

Others jumped to the defence of the shop, arguing: "They don't want a shop full of kids,What's the issue?"

However, the shop's management has insisted the advert was "a mistake" and was worded poorly.

Shop manager Sharon, who wouldn't give us her surname, told News Shopper: "It was a mistake on my behalf. We're only running a soft opening at the moment and we've been really busy.

"The majority of staff we take on are actually aged between 16 and 18 years old.

"By putting that advert out, we meant we needed people with a bit more experience."

The advert has since been taken down and replaced with a poster inviting people of all ages to apply.

In a further Facebook post, Skoops apologises for any offence caused and says "anyone is welcome" to submit their CV for the job.

Skoops, in Bellegrove Road, is opening for short hours throughout July and will open officially on August 1.